Rods for Bangsticks and Gator Pole Kits from A & S

Long rods are available for A & S bangsticks.

The 40" stainless steel rod and ball assembly ($30) has 6 mm threads.  If you would like an A & S powerhead mounted on a 40" rod and ball assembly instead of the standard 26" rod, please indicate this in the comments section of your order form, add the 40" rod from the menu above, and and we will deduct $19.99 from your order. 

Also available are gator pole kits ($60) that allow you to mount your A & S powerhead onto a 1.25" diameter wooden dowel that you can purchase separately from a hardware store.  Great for making your own gator bangsticks, especially with the 12 gauge bangstick. Standard 6mm threads.
Our PriceUS$30.00
Weight 4

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