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Gag Nose Shower Gel Dispenser by Daron Novelty

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Price : US$14.45

Code: K03FFFC22052

Aaaa-cho! Pardon me....This humorous nose-shaped shower gel dispenser gives you a nosefull of green shower gel (included) when you're ready to lather.

Directions for use: unscrew cap on back of nose and fill with shower gel. Screw cap back into place. Squeeze or press nose and hold hand under right nostril.

OrigAudio Rock-It 2.0 Portable Vibration Speaker

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Price : US$32.99

Code: X76ROCK

Turn anything into a speaker! The Rock-It Portable Vibration speaker takes music from your device and turns it into vibration sequences. It sends those vibrations through the Rock It Pod which can stick to any object. Simply press play on your device and the Rock-It will turn the object into a speaker.

  • Works with any audio device that has a headphone jack
  • No speakers? No problem!
  • The more hollow the object, the better the sound quality
  • Perfect for: traveling, the office, around the house, parties, and anywhere else you want to Rock-It
  • Revolutionize the way you listen to music

Requires: Two (2) AAA Batteries for power, or a USB Power Cord (included)

Included: Rock-it Portable Vibration speaker, audio extension cord, USB power cord, two (2) extra sticky pads

Color: white

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