Florida Impressions & Florida Wildlife Impressions Books

James Randklev's intense, saturated, color landscape photography captures Florida's colors—both brilliant and subtle—and its many moods, historical buildings, seascapes and cityscapes.

This compact trade paperback presents excellently reproduced images on high-quality glossy paper stock at an amazingly low price.

Each lush spread offers rich views into the vibrant, tropical habitats of The Sunshine State’s most unique creatures. The Stacks venture deep below the water’s surface to photograph the rare wildlife that few have an opportunity to see, such as aptly named goliath groupers, vivid parrotfish, red-tipped nudibranchs, and seahorses. They come to the surface to capture images of elusive land-dwelling creatures, from coyote pups and black bears to indigo snakes, from tricolored herons and crested caracaras to snowy egrets in their spectacular breeding plumage.

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