Mares Reel for Cyrano and Sten Spearfishing Guns

If you want to shoot big fish you need a reel. A large fish can pull
your spear gun right out of your hand when it gets shot. The fish will
begin to sound and when it does the fishes strength can take you for a
ride. If you are not on Scuba this could become a problem very fast
without a reel.Mares reel is rugged, simple, easy to use and, most
importantly, reliable. Constructed from re-enforced polymers to retain
its full strength over time, with a capacity of 164' (50 meters) of
1/16" (1.5 mm) line you can let the fish run with the line until it is
tired. The all-new (patented) tensioning system permits quick and easy
adjustments, without having to move the hand from the spear gun handle.
The reel is supplied with an adapter that makes it possible to be used
on any 1" (28 mm) diameter barrel.
Our PriceUS$65.00
Weight 2

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