Men's Waterproof W3 3.5 MM Tropic Fullsuit Wetsuit

The W3 features 3-D Sculpted Design, HexTex Core Insulation Protection, Double Seals

The W3 fullsuit is built with high grade 3.5mm microcell neoprene and features Waterproof's proprietray HexTex inner lining, 3-D anatomical design, gussetted front neck zipper, wrist and ankle seals with zippers, PU knee guards and more.  Ideal for warmer waters, also add a U1 undervest or a W1 or W2 icevest for additional warmth.

  • Male model available in Black with Turquoise accents.
  • Back Zipper - Designed with stretch panels for enhanced comfort, flexibility and ease of entry.
  • 3-D anatomical design with pre-bent arms,legs and panels for a superior fit.
  • Wave Flex panels are specific sculpted panels in the arms and legs allow for ultra flexibility and comfort.
  • HexTex Core Insulation Protection - Dense knitted plush lining with a unique hexagonal pattern that slows waterflow over the skin for enhanced warmth and
  • increased comfort.
  • Front gussetted neck zipper for surface comfort.
  • Generous neoprene double seals with zipper at arms and legs.
  • A Seat that Grips - Polyurethane embossing in the back provides a non-slip surface and abrasion proteection.
  • ZipperSeal - Open cell neoprene on each side of the zipper for the ultimate dry seal.
  • Knee pads - PU embossed knee and shin guards.
  • Wrist Computer Anti-slip - Provides an anti-slip section on wrist to mount a computer.
  • High quality Microcell CR Neoprene.


Our PriceUS$295.00
Weight 8

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