Frapper Lionfish Spear

The Frapper(Patent Pending) is a very unique device specifically designed to aid in the control of the invasive species, the Lionfish (Pterois volitans). The Lionfish has become established in the Atlantic and Caribbean regions and continues to grow in numbers at an alarming rate. We agree that local control efforts CAN make a difference!

Divers can actually strap The Frapper to a leg or clip to a buoyancy compensation device leaving the diver hands free to perform other tasks.  Measures apprx 20" long and weighs less than 1 lb.  To use, unfasten the front cap and you are ready to go.

Before heading out on your next dive, read-up on this subject - and Both of these sites have an abundant amount of information on this ongoing problem along with sighting report forms to be used at the time of a sighting.

Our PriceUS$60.00
Weight 1

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