AquaSketch Minno Underwater Drawing System

Replace the slate! aquaSketch™ represents a leap forward in underwater communication and documentation. Not only does it simplify the tasks of writing and drawing underwater, but it also offers unlimited paper capacity making it unnecessary to waste time erasing during a dive.
The aquasketch™ Minno was designed and developed through collaboration of an artist who wished to draw underwater, and an engineer working on the development of th NASA Mars rover.

By now providing divers with waterproof media and a convienient way to use it, aquaSketch™ opens up unlimited new dimensions to the scuba experience!

2¼" X 3½"
Writing/Drawing area.

Holds up to 8 feet of vellum.

Rugged design, made of poly carbonate and acrylic.

Update 9/27/2011 One left: all black with bright orange cord

Vellum is available in a variety of pre-printed formats.

Phosphorescent writing surface illuminates during night dives.


  • Underwater eraser
  • Two re-usable rolls of waterproof Vellum: One pre-printed 5' roll of five dive logs, and one blank roll
  • Graphite pencil
  • Wrist strap.
Our PriceUS$43.99
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