PADI Open Water Multilingual Prescriptive Lesson Guides DVD


Newly-revised (2010) Open Water PLGs are compatible with whatever version of the OW course you're teaching (tables, eRDPML or dive computer). The product includes an option for English or Spanish during installation

PADI's Open Water Diver Course Prescriptive Lesson Guides feature integrated text and video linked with Microsoft's Power Point.  By using this product you can save time in the classroom by not covering information your students have already mastered during independent study.  The more time they spend in the water, the better divers they'll be!

This edition includes Knowledge Review questions from both the PADI Open Water Manual and the How the Use and Choose Computers book, allowing you to use this product whether your student divers are using the RDP Table, eRDPml or dive computers during the course.


  • Separate PC and Mac versions
  • Version A & B Quizzes for each section
  • Prescriptive buttons linking to prescriptive content to review
  • Safety Concepts for each section
  • Confined Water Dive Skills Preview for each section
  • Instructions for instructors to add content of their own

What's the difference between prescriptive lesson guides and modular lesson guides?

Prescriptive teaching is a focused educational training method that allows you to present only the information that the student lacks. The prescriptive lesson guides are designed to help you diagnose student knowledge gaps and review the relevant sections.

Prescriptive lesson guides allow you to easily find a missed knowledge review, quiz or exam question and prescriptively focus on that one topic. For example, if a student missed question two on exam A, you simply click “exam A” then “question two.” This brings up the exam question, the correct answer, and any relevent text or videos that support the answer.

The Modular Lesson Guides were designed for a traditional lecture-style of education and are not optimized for prescriptive teaching methods. Using the missed question example above, it would require cross-referencing the objective of the missed question with the relevant slide in the modular lesson guides.

The prescriptive lesson guides are also more dynamic than the modular lesson guides. Many sections include video or animation to aid understanding and promotion of continuing education and equipment ownership.

Both the prescriptive and modular lesson guides can be modified with images of local diving, your logo, etc.

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