Indo Board Pro Balance Board

Indo Boards improve your balance and are great fun too, making them perfect for surfing and skating. Indo boards also provide a good workout, and increase your fitness.

The Info Pro is ideal for big riders (6 feet tall and over) because this model offers room for a wider stance resulting in lots of stability. Great for longboard surfers who want to learn how to cross step, practice their footwork, drop knee turns, spinners, or just hang out on the tip.

The heavier board and larger roller offer a more intensive workout and is ideal for increasing leg strength. This model is ideal for showboarders and all terain boarders.

  • 42" x 15" deck, available in Natural and Multi-color finishes
  • 350 pound maximum weight limit
  • 8.5" diameter roller

Sunburst design available

Add an Indo Pro Flow Cushion for $23.99

Our PriceUS$234.95
Weight 30

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