Sensational Seas DVD

60-minutes of rare images of the sea and her creatures as seen through
the eyes of 25 divers. The contributors range from talented amateurs to
Howard and Michele Hall of IMAX and PBS fame. The production gets off
to a rollicking start when Scuba Zoo Images and Elvis team up for a
rocking rendition of spontaneous underwater fun. Narrators Stan
Waterman and Cat Holloway escort you through an undersea realm where
birds can swim for half a mile underwater and squid make love by the
thousands. They take you from the tender courtship dance of dolphins in
the Caribbean, to the no-holds-barred turf wars of three-inch blennies
in the Sea of Cortez, to white sharks in Guadeloupe Island, to a
sailfish being attacked in Thailand and a eel hunting a parrotfish in
Bonaire. Fun, lively, eye-popping entertainment that will make you grab
your scuba gear and head for the sea.The images used in Sensational
Seas were contributed by filmmakers around the world for the benefit
REEF (The Reef Environmental Education Foundation) – volunteer
recreational divers who document marine life population trends. All
proceeds go to the organization.
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