FCS UL-5 3 Fin Set

Ultra-light construction with IFT and a super stiff, highly responsive carbon controlled flex pattern. Produces remarkable acceleration through turns, suitable for all conditions. Ultra-Light Epoxy was developed by FCS to create the lightest possible fin with superior flex properties while ensuring strength and foil accuracy. By minimizing weight without sacrificing response of flex and strength, Ultra-Light Epoxy is our lead construction process delivering the ultimate in performance.

Optimum weight range: 65kg - 80kg/143-176 lbs.

Thruster Tri-fin Set

Base icon Base: 4.37" 111.0mm

Depth icon Depth: 4.55" 115.0mm

Area icon Area: 14.76"² 9525mm²

Sweep icon Sweep: 33.0°

Foil icon Foil: IFT

Our PriceUS$79.99
Weight 1

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