Brownies Electric E150B and E150X Hookah Rig

The Brownie's Third Lung Electric Series
The Brownie's Electric series of hookah systems can be used in locations where electrical service, either 115v or 230v is available. The E150 is a great tool for maintaining your boat or pool, or recreationally.  The E150 is marinized for more durability in wet environments. 

The E150 supports 1 diver to 60 ft.  Features: .75 HP motor, 11 amp, 115vac, 60 cycle, single phase (also available in 220vac).  Free Air Displacement 4.1 CFM/116 LPM; Air Delivery: 2.5@ 50psi; Max Amp Draw: 115v - 10.8 (230v - 5.4).  Avg run time: continuous.

Weight: 62 lbs; Dimen: 17"L X 24"W X 17"H (in storage case).

Package includes: motor/compressor, storage case with impact resistant HDPE cover, 10' heat transfer hose w/inline filter, 60' down line w/QRS fittings, Brownie's hookah regulator, basic tow belt, online traning certificate

Choose the E150X option if you'd like package listed above, plus (1) Cummerbelt with drop weight pockets instead of towbelt

Please allow 3 business days for item to ship.


Our PriceUS$1,450.00
CodeD11E150B D11E150X
Weight 62

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