Mares Pure Instinct Spiro 87 & 65 Reels For Phantom Guns

Mares Pure Instinct Spiro 87 Reel For Phantom Guns Reel created for Phantom spearguns, but can also be used on all 28-mm barrels with accessory adapter. The 87-mm and 65-mm coils are optimized and honed in thickness to increase capacity and lightness while maintaining excellent resistance. On Phantom spearguns, the reel can be used in the standard position or angled. Mares patented clutch.

With the same technical qualities of SPIRO87 but with a 65 mm reel to increase the technical speargun’s handyness when fishing among waves without giving up an essential thecnical support equipment.
New reel for Phantom speargun.
It can be used on all Instinct spearguns and all other 28 mm barrel guns with Reel adapter.
The 65 mm reel has been improved and it’s thicknesses reduced to increase capacity and lightness, mantaining its great resistance.
The reel can be used on standard or slant position.
Mares Patented Clutch.
Our PriceUS$65.00
Weight 2

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