Dive Rite Stage Strap Kit

The stage bottle rigging from Dive Rite helps you to set your secondary bottle up properly for many year of technical scuba diving. The material used to make the Stage Strap Kit is durable while resisting breakage, splitting and rotting but it can be cut if you get entangled.
The elasticated hose retainer helps to prevent rolling and features a large webbing loop which makes it easy to grip even with thick gloves on. The hose retainer has the perfect amount of stretch to allow the hose to be tucked in without any risk of it accidentally working its way back out again.
Marine grade stainless steel clips and hardware help improve saltwater protection and a length of plastic tubing provides abrasion protection to the carry strap and also forms a more comfortable carrying grip.


  • 1 inch nylon webbing strap with 998kg tensile strength
  • Neoprene-infused elastic hose retainer band resists rolling, tearing and abrasion
  • Marine grade stainless steel cylinder clamps and hardware are saltwater ready and resistant to corrosion
  • 1 inch tubular webbing, provides diver/tank clamp abrasion protection
Our PriceUS$64.00
Weight 3

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