Mares Prestige 12S Regulator

Performance and reliability in a new compact and light first stage

• Performance and reliability in compact and light first stage
• Four pre-oriented LP ports
• Soft purge diaphragm with Mesh Grid

Prestige 12S, the regulator you want! More compact and even lighter, it achieves maximum compactness in the new DIN version.
The four low-pressure ports are pre-oriented and allow for optimum arrangement of the hoses, which are now even softer and lighter.
A medium-size second stage offers easy, natural, regular breathing.
Material: Technopolymer
First stage: Balanced diaphragm design
Lightweight yoke: No
First stage weight (g) INT: 768
First stage weight (g) DIN300: 610
Second stage weight (g): 210
Total weight (g) INT: 1128
Total weight (g) DIN300: 967
Second stage dimension: Medium
Oil/Dry cold water kit: Dry
Nitrox: -
HP Ports: 2 HP 7/16" UNF ports
LP Ports: 4 LP 3/8" UNF ports
Inhale pressure: 10.53
Inhale pos pressure: 0.00
Exhale pressure: 9.59
Ext work breathing: 1.11
Inhale work: 0.44
Pos inhale work: 0.00
Exhale work: 0.67
Pressure depth: diagram 50m (165ft)
Pressure diagram: 218

Our PriceUS$342.00
Weight 3

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