Sting Zapper Wipe Away Pain Jellyfish Sting Relief

Venomous sea creatures will bite or sting millions of people causing extreme pain and irritation.

In a study, lifeguards experienced immediate relief from jellyfish stings by using Wipe Away Pain! The medicated solution in Wipe Away Pain! neutralizes poisons and delivers pain relief and a cooling medication that works to reduce redness and inflammation. In the study, those using vinegar demonstrated no pain relief and those using aluminum sulfate received only minimal relief. The study shows - Wipe Away Pain! works.

"Wipe Away Pain! products were found to be the most effective of the three agents tested in the reduction of pain". Dr. Bruce Halstead, Director International Biotoxicological Center, World Life Research Institute

"I would advise life guards to use Wipe Away Pain! products.. the other things we've tried are all symptomatic, whereas with Wipe Away Pain! products it's almost automatically instant relief". Palm Beach (Florida) County Beach Patrol

"(The product from the Wipe-Out! Company) soothes the pain of a jellyfish sting in about 10 minutes." American Health Magazine

Sting Zapper for Jellyfish & Sea Stingers… Zaps & Neutralizes the stings & bites from Sea Lice, Jellyfish, Man O'War, Blue Bottle, Fire Coral, and more! A must for divers, lifeguards, surfers, swimmers, snorkelers, fishermen and people who love water sports.

2/3 oz package contains two applications.


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