Nautilus Lifeline GPS Marine Radio for Divers or Boaters

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Green Button: Two-way voice chat between your Lifeline and any marine radio on the same channel.
Orange Button: Two-way voice chat on the International Hail and Distress channel 16.
Red Button: Automatically transmit your GPS position and alert messages to any modern marine radio within 18 km range. EMERGENCY USE ONLY.
The Nautilus Lifeline is not much larger than a smartphone. On the surface, it can be opened to access the radio and GPS-beacon controls, all waterproof to surface splash. With the lid closed, it is waterproof to 425 feet (130 meters). It also features 24 hour battery life in emergency mode, USB connection for charging or downloading your GPS coordinates, 1850 mAh lithium ion battery, strobe light in distress mode, LCD display of GPS position. Easily attaches to the your BC. 1 year warranty.

Size & Weight
Weight 9.88 Oz (280 g)
Dimensions 2.6" w x 5.72" h x 1.8" d
Power & Battery
Supply Voltage 3.7V DC
Battery Capacity 1850 mAh Li-on
Maximum RF Power 1.85 Watts + 0dB / -3.5dB
Average Operating RF Power 1 Watt
Maximum Deviation +/- 5KHz
AF Output 400 mW @ 8 Ohms for 10% THD
GPS Radio Communication Range
GPS Module Jupiter 3GPS
DSC Range 12.5km / 8 miles
Voice Communication Range 4-5 miles
Antenna Connector SMA
Antenna Impedance 50 Ohms
Average Operating RF Power 1 Watt
Frequency Stability +/- 10ppm
Frequency Range 156.025 MHz - 157.425 MHz
Channel Spacing 25 KHz

Our PriceUS$299.00
Weight 2

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