The Super Ball by Wham-O

The Super Ball made its big bounce into the world in 1965. This curiously bouncy ball was invented by Norm Stingley, a chemical engineer employed by the Bettis Rubber Company in Whittier, California. Stingley fashioned a ball of Zectron, which is a material originally intended to cap off gushing oil wells. He placed the molded Zectron ball under intense pressure; the result was the ball could bounce 6 times higher and more energetically than any regular rubber ball. Stingley sold his brilliant Super Ball concept to us and we were very excited to share it with the world! Our company sold 6 million Super Balls the first year it was marketed. By the mid-1970s, sales of the novelty had dwindled, but in 1998, we released "The Original Super Ball," with much nostalgic appeal to its fans.
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