Caribbean Solutions SPF 15 Biodegradable Sunscreen


Avoid polluting the ocean and irritating your skin with conventional sunscreens that are often formulated from harmful parabens and other forms of toxic allergens. Caribbean Solution's Solguard SPF 15 Natural Sunscreen is a non toxic, unique blend of natural skin conditioning ingredients along with the natural minerals, Titanium Dioxide and transparent Zinc Oxide, that provide true Broad Spectrum Protection, blocking both UVB & UVA sun rays. Natural ingredients, including Cucumber extracts, Organic Aloe Vera and Kukui Pod oil, assist the skin's ability to hydrate and cool itself when exposed to harsh sun exposures. Added to these natural hydrators are plant extracts which have natural photoreceptors that shield the sun, such as Wild Pansy; Hibiscus plus Green Coffee Bean, a natural preservative and anti oxidant. Natural Sunscreen SPF 15 gives you maximum sun protection together with nutritional value for your skin, a combination seldom found.

Pure Active Ingredients: 4.5% Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen and 2% transparent Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

No artificial coloring in Caribbean Solution products and it uses all-natural preservatives

6 oz

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