What are bangsticks and how do they work?

The bangsticks we sell are made up of a powerhead, which is a metal chamber that houses ammunition and has a pin that must be removed to arm it, mounted to a 26" shaft (or optionally, a 40" shaft) as required by federal law.  The powerhead can be unscrewed from the shaft and mounted to a longer shaft (including a pole spear) if desired.  The longer shaft will provide more distance between yourself, your target, and the powerhead!  If you want a 12 gauge, you will need to mount it minimally on a 4' pole due to its power.

Once the firing pin has been removed, you can detonate the ammunition by pushing the powerhead linearly into your target (i.e., head on, and not with a sideways motion).  You must put some force behind it, and for this reason, the bangstick won't accidentally go off if dropped.

It is the high-pressure gasses from the muzzle blast that kill the target, not the bullet itself; therefore, you can use blanks.  Make sure to waterproof the primer and case mouth with nail polish or varnish.  Unused ammo is generally discarded after submersion.


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